Chipsmall Guarantees Quality Control with Industry Standards

Professional QC Laboratory Focus on Quality

Industry-leading quality control laboratory provides you with first-class quality inspection services. Our tests are conducted in accordance with global standards.

Quality Inspection Process
Three-level Quality Inspection Process of International Standard
Packaging Verification

Check if the packaging is entire and unbroken, and whether it satisfies or fails the standards.

Label Verification

Check to see if the label is the original and whether the information on the label complies with the order requirements by comparing it to the label database.

Appearance Testing

Confirm if the appearance features meet the IDEA judgment standard; check if the DC/LOT information is consistent with the original standard.

Electrical Testing

Test whether it meets the electrical performance requirements of the chip.

X-RAY Inspection

Compare the internal structure of the chip with the golden sample to confirm whether the test sample is original.

Decap Testing

Verify the authenticity of the chip, look up the internal crystal data, manufacturer's logo, copyright year, and so on.

XRF Testing

Check whether the internal harmful substances comply with the requirements of the EU WEEE& RoHS directives.

Optimize the Quality Control Issue
Quality Inspector

With extensive industry knowledge, our quality inspectors are professionally trained to identify defective and unqualified parts.


QC department is responsible for electronic parts. Our quality engineers provide the expertise to determine the most effective testing method to continuously improve the efficiency of our processes.

Attach Great Importance to Quality

With professional QC team, Chipsmall never allow imitations and unqualified products and live up to the trust of our customers. Never let fake products come into market, Chipsmall make sure the growth and prosperity of the supply chain of components.

Quality Inspection EQUIPMENT
Strictly Comply with Operational Procedures
Handheld Electrostatic Field Meter
Fake Chip Scrapper
IC Programming Machine
Explosion-proof Cabinet
Digital Microscope
Clean Bench
Fume Hood
Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System
Solder Pot
Hotplate Stirrer
Ionizing Air Blower
Metallurgical Microscope
Dry Cabinet
Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Equipment
ESD System Display
Basis Knowledge of Electrostatic Protection

ESD wrist band, footwear (groundable point);
ESD gloves, garment, cap (electrostatic shield);
ESD footwear, static-dissipative floor and grounding;




Electrostatic protection product
Avoid insulation materials


EPA area


Humidity control
ESD air ionizers to neutralize static charges
ESD training


In-coming material testing-compliance testing
Periodic testing-compliance verification



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